Cake Decorating – Chapter 1

The night started with traffic jams and running through the halls of CIT looking for kitchen 30. Once we got there we found the place we will call home each Wednesday night for the next 5 weeks. We started off collecting our tools of the trade kits and then began a process we thought would never end. Fitting a metal screw to a piping bag. Sounds easy enough, should it take 20 minutes? Probably not. Did it take at least 20 minutes? Most definitely! Watching 9 women repeatedly drop a small metal object into a piping bag repeatedly, then pushing it down to the tip only to find that it has twisted, turned and is now upside down must be endlessly tiring for the instructor, then to have 5 of us hand her the bag and make her ‘fix’ it because there is only so much we can take. Luckily this was the hardest part of the night.

We then learnt how to make royal icing, surprisingly we all did really well considering we made it by hand in a Chinese takeaway container. Once we had our icing to soft peak consistency we filled our newly acquired piping bags and tied them off. We watched a demonstration on how to pipe letters, numbers, words, borders, straight lines, hearts and dots. Then we set off on our own piping adventures. Armed with a sheet of greaseproof, a template and some wet paper towel we were piping over the different templates at a cracking pace, as you can see from the pictures at the bottom, Georgie has a fairly short attention span hence her own name and various pictures and squiggles all around her sheet. With a little instruction and a little help from my other hand to stop my right hand from shaking I was able to test out a variety of the templates, relatively successfully.

Next we assembled a disposable piping bag, very useful for coloured icing as it doesn’t stain your piping bags. With a few cautionary staples in the top we were off to change our remaining royal icing into stiff or hard peak. We used this to make a picture of Christmas holly which we then filled in with our newly acquired skill of flooding. In the picture it isn’t very fancy because we only used white icing. It is however a really good to skill to have.

All of this filled our first 3 hours quite easily. Next week we move on to making things from modelling paste. Really looking forward to it!

Holly flooding

My piping practice

Georgie's piping practice


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