Cake Decorating – Chapter 2

Last night started with a demonstration on the beginning of a rose. A small unassuming lump of modelling paste stuck to a wire. Believe it or not this lump was turned into a beautiful rose bud within 3 hours. Far more impressive than nature!

We applied the first 4 petals to our lump using tylopur glue and a lot of patience. To make the petals we rolled out modelling paste and cut them with a petal cutter. We thinned them out by hand, applied the glue and started layering the petals on. We then left these to dry for about 2 hours.

Next we moved onto the petals for an open rose. 3 small, 5 medium and 5 large. We coloured our modelling paste to a lovely pale pink and got rolling. Rolling out the paste so it is fine enough that it looks like a petal but not so fine that it tears when curling it is a real challenge. Once we had our 13 petals we thinned them out with our fingers and started frilling the edges. We had use of a large wooden skewer and a ball tool. We all found the skewer easier to use than the ball tool, but the ball tool did provide a lovely soft curve to the petal. Once we had worked our way through the 13 petals and placed them into plastic spoons to help them hold their shape til the end of the lesson we started on the daisies.

A lot simpler than the rose, with a lot less fussing, gluing and thinning the daisy is still a lovely addition to our repertoire. As a class we coloured a big lump of modelling paste for the centres of our flowers (so we all didn’t have yellow hands). We rolled out our white modelling paste, with a daisy cutter we cut out 2 flowers and rolled the yellow into a flower centre. We cut the wire into a shorter length and made the top into a sort of netball hoop. This was then coated in glue and inserted into the yellow flower centre. The white daisy cut outs were thinned a little at the ends so it didn’t look so uniform and then the wire was poked through the middle and the flower brought up towards the centre. Glue was then put in the middle of the flower and pressed on to the centre. We then did this with the other cut out and spun it slightly to make a layered petal effect. Once glued we held all three layers together tightly to ensure they stuck together. These were then left to dry overnight.

We then rolled and cut 5 more petals for our rose buds and glued them to the outside of the bud to make it larger and fuller. Once we had completed all of these little things our three hours were up. We packed up all of our goodies and wow are we looking forward to next week. Assembling our open roses and making a modelling paste figurine. Stay tuned for next week’s installment and happy baking.

  Love Sonia xx


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