Cake Decorating – Chapter 3

Last night started with assembling the open rose that we made the petals for last week. It was so nice to see it all put together after a week of staring at a pile of petals! A blob of royal icing in a piece of waxed paper and away we went, sticking the petals in reminded me of being little and sticking things into a bowl of icecream or into the top of a cupcake. Before long we all had something that resembled an open rose of some kind, as our instructor keeps telling us there are many varieties of rose, if yours looks different its just a different type of rose! As we fiddled and twisted the petals into an overlapping pattern the roses took shape. We added a few paper stamens to the middle and we were all really pleased with our two week effort.

Next up was a demonstration on how to make a bear. Once we all discovered that our instructor makes it look easy the stress set in. The demonstration made forming all the body parts and fitting them together look simple. It was far from it! After colouring the modelling paste  ( I chose mauve and Georgie chose blue) and fondant mix the challenge of deciding proportions for the head, body and limbs began. Head to small, bear looks scary, head too big, bear falls over. Once rolling out the head and the body we set to the task of moulding the limbs. Flat ends for arms and legs with a little circle pressed into each for the paw. Now we snap some tubular pasta to make supports for the head and arms. A little tylopur glue on each end and the sticking process begins. Between the head and body we slip a little bow of ribbon to act as a bowtie. We had the option of running a tool over the centre of all the parts to look like stitching, both Georgie and I declined, it looked a little like the bear had been run over. Once the head and arms were attached and the legs positioned underneath we stuck on a little tail and got to the fancy parts. A skewer is used to make eye sockets, into which are pushed eyeballs and topped with little black pupils. A little love heart nose is made from black modelling paste and stuck on with glue and a little mouth is drawn on underneath. Two little ears are rolled out and glued onto the top of the bears head. Once everything looks right on the bear and he sits ok on his legs, we apply glue to the legs and position them underneath the body. Let the bear sit for a few minutes and you have a very cute cake topper!

Now quickly running short of time we learn how to make roses out of liquorice. The rose I made was mango flavoured and so so easy to make. Starting with a short length of liquorice we snipped around the top to make a point and then smoothed it out a little. We then rolled about 1 and a half pieces of smooth liquorice until they were 1-2mm thick. We then used our flower cutters that we used last week for the modelling paste flowers to cut out the petals. We rolled the edges out on these a little and started pressing them onto the bud in the same manner that we did with the ones last week. So much quicker and edible because they don’t contain any wire. While I was adding my final layer of petals Georgie cut out a green calyx for me which once chopping off the thick part at the bottom I added to finish the rose.

Next week we are making the decorations for our final cake and the week after we will be assembling our final cake and will have completed Cake Decorating for Beginners!

Love Sonia xx


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