Cake Decorating – Chapter 5

This week was the final class of Beginners Cake Decorating. Rather than writing lots this week I will give you more of a photo collection, followed by some photos of the cakes that were created by the other ladies in my class. Enjoy!

Chocolate Mud Cake attached to baking paper, attached to cake board with royal icing.Cake covered in fondant and the baking paper cut away.Ribbon attached with royal icing.Puppy attached with royal icing, flowers inserted into the fondant.Coloured filler flowers inserted.Finished Cake. I am really happy with how it turned out. The simple idea and colours combined really well to make this cute cake.

Georgie’s “Cupcake” cakeI hope you enjoyed looking at the process of my cake and the finished products of the other girls in my class. My next post will be Chocolate Freckle Easter Biscuits. Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone.

Love Sonia x


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