Strawberry & Custard Cream Cake

The cheating way to impress you friends, family and in-laws. A delicious cake with the help of the supermarket bakery!


1 bought sponge cake

2 punnets strawberries

300ml double cream

300ml thickened cream

30ml orange juice

200ml thick shop bought custard

50g icing sugar

2 tbs caster sugar


Remove sponge cake from the container, with the top of the container cut the middle out with scissors so you have access to the inside. Place one half of the sponge on the plate or board you want to serve it on, place you container ring on top. Hull and slice the strawberries in half, leave about 8 for the top of the cake. Place strawberry halves around the outside of the cake, cut side facing out. Place the remaining strawberries around the middle of the cake until all the strawberries are used up. In a stand mixer or bowl with electric beaters mix double cream, thickened cream and caster sugar together until thick. Beat in orange juice. Using a large spoon or spatula fold through custard. Pour over strawberries and level out. Remove container ring carefully and place other sponge half on top of the custard cream. Dust with icing sugar either all over or with a doily to make a pattern. Place strawberries on top and garnish with mint sprigs. Serve immediately. Serves 8. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days.

I choose to use store bought sponge for ease, cost effectiveness and for guaranteed results. If you are skilled at sponge cakes by all means bake it yourself, I haven’t been game to try it yet. I also choose to use both of the sponges whole as opposed to slicing them in half. I think the height makes the cake look far more impressive. It also has the benefit of tasting amazing. When I made this last year my friends loved it so I decided to make it again this year. It is a cheat cake but perfect for when you only have a short time to knock something impressive up.

The only challenge with this cake is getting the top to stay on and to keep the strawberries from diving off the side of the cake. After the cake sits for a while the weight of the top gets too much for the cream and the cream starts to push out, so serve it as soon as you have made it. The only other issue is cutting it, it does tend to result in cream and strawberries everywhere but your guests will excuse it because of the beautiful flavour and texture of you creation.

The next time you find out you have visitors in an hour, duck down to the shops grab these things and whip up this amazing cake, no one will believe you whipped it up so quickly!

Love Sonia



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