Granny’s Jam Drops

A recipe given to me by Debbie’s mum, my Granny. Her famous jam drops have been enjoyed by her family for years and now I have had my chance to try the recipe myself.

2 cups self raising flour

2 eggs

¾ cup  caster sugar

125g butter or margarine

(I added a sneaky teaspoon of vanilla extract)

Your favourite jam, I used strawberry.

Preheat the oven to 160’C and line 2 baking trays with baking paper. Cream the margarine and sugar together in a mixer, beat in the egg, mix in the flour until it forms a soft slightly sticky dough. Use a little more flour if the dough is too sticky. Roll the dough into balls, whatever size you like, mine were about the size of those Lindt chocolate balls. Place on the trays about 3 cm apart. Press a small indent in each with the top of your thumb or similar shaped object. Fill each indent with jam. Bake for 8 – 12 minutes. Store in an airtight container for up to a week. The biscuits will soften over time.

Some recipes are so simple but surprisingly delicious that they stand the test of time and get passed down family member to family member so that the recipes can remain forever shared. I like to think that I did justice to Granny’s Jam Drops and that she wouldn’t be too disappointed with my addition of a dash of vanilla extract. I found that the dough tasted a little floury, a bit like bread dough, with the addition of vanilla the dough tasted a lot more biscuity. I got about 30 jam drops out of this recipe, which was more than enough to have some at home and take some to Sydney to share with Daniel’s family.

There is nothing hard about this recipe. It is just one of those recipes that is a perfect, timeless, effortless standby recipe. It would be easy enough to whip up a batch of these in as little as half an hour once you had made these a couple of times. Not bad for something that tastes so good! I think the taste of the biscuits as a whole can be vastly affected by the type of jam that you use, I used one of those fancy made in france ones, it was beautiful, you could use anything but if you get the best that you can afford your biscuits will be all the better for it.

Sometimes recipes are lost when we lose loved ones close to us. I am determined not to let this happen in my family. All of my grandmothers are still alive and I hope over the next few years to get at least a couple more recipes out of them so that they stay with the family and are not lost and forgotten. This is the first of 3 recipes that I have recently been given by my Granny, so stay tuned for the next 2!


Love Sonia x